Stone Counter Tops Aren’t Only for Your Kitchen Anymore

Say the words ‘stone counter top’ and most people are probably going to start envisioning a gleaming kitchen with a rich textured and natural colored surface. It’s true that it is a well known product for making a kitchen look state of the art while keeping a natural warmth. But stone countertops are far more versatile than just for the kitchen.

Bars, Prep Areas, and More

Before leaving the kitchen entirely though, keep in mind that you can use stone countertops not just for the counters but also to put in the middle of the kitchen to act as a prep area, the way butcher block was once used. Or create a bar with stools where people can eat breakfast or have a quick snack. You can also have an actual kitchen table created using the same material as you are using for the counters.


Another use for stone countertops is in the bathroom, whether it’s a bedroom, guest, or office bathroom. They add a natural look wherever they are, and the beauty and durability are equally welcome in those areas. Plus, just as with the kitchen, they will add value to your home or workplace.

Work Areas for Home or Office

You can also use stone countertops to create a desk or a work area in a home office or in the workplace. They make gorgeous reception areas, office desks, tables, break room counters, and common work areas such as where people print and sort copies.

Virtually anywhere you need a flat surface that’s both attractive and durable, you can consider using stone counter tops. This is one area where the only thing holding you back is your imagination. And the best part is that, no matter where you put them, you have the potential of increasing the resale value of your home or business should the day come when you want to put it on the market.